The Sunrise Storyteller | 5 Questions with Kasha Sequoia Slavner | OWFF and Cuso International October 1

“If there’s anything I want audiences to take away from this film is that we have the ability to go out into the world and fearlessly change it. The people in my film are examples of everyday role models. Some may simply seek to inspire their peers, others have created organizations to tackle pressing issues. Whether it’s big or small, all our actions make impact.” – Kasha Sequoia Slavner, Director of The Sunrise Storyteller

As a concerned high school student, Kasha Sequoia Slavner was disillusioned and outraged by the negativity and powerlessness she felt as a consumer of mainstream media. She was compelled to find an alternative narrative.

So on her 16th birthday, she embarked on an ambitious mission to travel the world for six months with her mom, camera in hand and no clear road-map, in search of what it means to be a global citizen. During her travels she encountered a variety of individuals from trailblazers finding sustainable solutions to major world issues, to those who have overcome major adversity with tremendous resilience.

Two years later at the age of 18, Kasha premiered her feature documentary film The Sunrise Storyteller at the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women in New York to a standing ovation. Following New York, the film has gone on to win four awards and screen at a number of film festivals in the US and Canada. Wanting to learn more about the film, Ottawa Indie Fest spoke to Kasha before her film screens at the One World Film Festival on Sunday October 1, 2017 at Saint Paul University‘s Amphitheatre, located in the Pavillon Guigues Hall at 223 Main Street in Ottawa.

Read Ottawa Indie Fest’s Five Questions With Kasha Sequoia Slavner on their blog and join One World Arts for a Q&A with Kasha, co-presented with and moderated by Cuso International, on October 1 at 3PM.

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