Bingo Spirit is one of the most established and reliable online bingo sites in Canada, with an impressive history dating back to 2004. With real money casino games available on its platform as well, Bingosky provides players not only chances at winning cash but also fun! Newcomers are invited by a major welcome package which offers a 1500% bonus for free over three deposits made within thirty days – it’s easy enough that even your dog could join up (and get rich too)!


When you’re looking for a quick game of bingo, there is no better place than the Spirit Website. You can find all your favourite games and start playing them within seconds on this site! The developers have designed it so that users are able to browse easily while also being able to use mobile devices such as iPhones or iPads which makes accessing information super convenient if we want access 24/7 without having an account with another provider who might charge more fees over time because they own both ends – billing services alongside support teams (which ours does).


Bingo Spirit, a brand new way to play! Instead of installing sketchy gambling software onto your computer and wasting time trying to get it working properly or dealing with all those troubleshooting tips that never seem to work out in the end – just connect via the internet browser. No more downloading any old files; everything happens right on site as needed because we use Adobe Flash technology which is fast becoming obsolete due to its popularity among gamers today. The recommended browsers are Mozilla Firefox (for stability), Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9+ since they support ActiveX controls directly from within their respective proprietary web water.

Some of the more customizable features include unique bingo cards that you can choose your own lucky numbers. You get one free card and it only costs C$1 per month to create up to nine personalized ones! The selection includes casino games from Betsoft Gaming, Rival etc., so there’s plenty on offer here if slots aren’t what particular interests you personally or if anything else within this category leaves room in its portfolio.


Once you’ve won a payout, it will take two full business days for your request to be processed and approved. Once that’s done then check back because bingo spirit requires users to provide some identification documents if their winning amount exceeds C$5k!


Bingo Spirit is a great website for playing bingo on your phone. It has an intuitive interface, and you can use personalized cards if desired – all while staying in touch with modern technology!

Bingo players who prefer having the app installed for quick access can’t get enough of it. The best way around this problem is to add a shortcut from their website onto their main screen, which will allow them to secure log-in credentials and deposits available even on mobile platforms! meantime though if you’re looking for something safer with more chances at big winnings then go ahead and play slots instead – just make sure not to spend all your money upfront since they have addictive qualities too.

Bingo Games

Bingo Spirit offers a variety of rooms with different game rules and prizes. For example, there’s the nickel room where you can play cards for just $0.05 per card or pot up to 100 dollars! Freerolls give users an opportunity at winning their way towards real cash prizes while not spending any money themselves-and they’re always free giveaways too so signup today!

Bingo Spirit is home to some of the most lucrative games in town. Jackpots are guaranteed, and there’s always a chance at winning big with progressive prizes waiting just around every corner! Every room has its own unique jackpot that can exceed $15K if players get their lucky numbers right – but don’t forget about chatting capabilities as well which will help you connect during your visit while learning more details on what makes this site so special.

Casino Games

The casino collection at this site is rich in online slots. There are over 300 titles to browse and try out, including 3D machines that take advantage of your screen’s dimensionality with immersive graphics for an even more captivating experience! The variety continues on offer from classic table games like blackjack or baccarat right through keno surprises – you’re sure not going hungry here any time soon if it so much as thinks about giving up its powerball.


Bingo Spirit is the oldest and most trusted bingo site in Canada. In fact, it’s been around since 2004! It also operates under strict regulation by Curacao Gaming Authority so you know your money will be safe no matter what happens on this website or any other part of their network-which includes over 30+ sites with games like slots Too hot Roth IRAs Malta discrepancies Australia Power Sundays! I’m here to tell you: If there was ever an opportunity for me gambling online then Bingospirt would.

The COMODO network is constructed with the most advanced 256-bit SSL encryption technology to keep your personal information private. We will never share it without first getting permission from you, our valued customer!

VIP and Extras

There are so many ways to rack up points on this network! You can get reload bonuses every day of the week, with Saturday being an especially good deposit time because they offer 300%. And if you’re feeling adventurous there are Bingo games that give out tons of prizes – just check them out when it suits your mood best.

The Bingo Spirit loyalty program is a great way to earn points and cashback. Users can deposit money at the site, which will then give them 15 points for every dollar they put in! Points are also earned through buying cards with your hard-earned bingo bucks-and those could win you some big prizes too; ranging from $50 all the way up to 1k+ prize draws each day.

Customer Support

The help desk is well organized and open around the clock. As a result, users can get in touch with any relevant questions they might have about their account or device problems through email addresses provided on-site as well as live chat which makes it easier than ever before for you to reach out if something goes wrong!

Our Verdict

Bingo Spirit is all about providing players with the most exciting gaming experience. The site offers a huge welcome package that includes multiple bonuses, hundreds of daily bingo games and casino options for those who want to take their chances online! Canadian residents can register free-of-charge while getting various rewards when opting into this service – what are you waiting on?