Get ready for a great fun with one of Playtech’s newest additions, the Bowling Frenzy online slot. This new 50’s style, but still with modern features like modern graphics and 5 reel spins, can take you back to this era while keeping you focused with the chance to hit something big! You’ll love lady luck if she’s on your side because each successful roll will land more wilds that can land anywhere on the top, as well as re-spins or even give players another chance before they walk away empty-handed.

About Bowling Frenzy

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Now you can visit the famous American bowling allies of yesteryear and experience what it’s like to be in a time machine. The latest release from Playtech will take you back decades with their newest slot – Bowling Frenzy! With three different game modes (Family Challenge+, Against Friends*), this fun adventure lets players battle each other as they try to chase targets while avoiding obstacles at lightning speed using only their hand-eye coordination skills.

Bowling Frenzy is a 5 reel, 4 rows and 40 payline slot game. This means it has a better chance of winning than other games in this class! As we mentioned earlier, the reel arrangement takes place in an old-fashioned 1950s bowling alley, where you can find supporting symbols such as pink Cadillacs or pins adorned with shoes owned by skateboarding enthusiasts who are itching for a little fun during their lunch break. There are also card icons with a lower value of 10 to A to help fill in any unpaired rows when they appear together simultaneously.

The Bowling Frenzy slot(s) is much better and more fun than other online bowling-themed slots. The graphics are a bit silly, but they are high quality with 3D models that make them realistic enough to believe you are in a real alley surrounded by pins! You can also hear authentic sounds when the player presses the mouse button or presses the keys on the keyboard while playing in this virtual world.

When playing the Bowling Frenzy slot game, expect to meet a handsome man who is also wild. It substitutes for all other symbols except the scatters and forms your best winning combo when triggered by three or more appearing on the screen simultaneously! The scatter symbol was represented by bowling pins – just like they appear during the game.

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Are you ready to take a chance with slot machines? We have everything from free re-spins to stacked wilds that come standard on our games. But if that’s not enough, there’s also a bonus round where the bet sizes are increased by 2-5x! How much do I need to make my winnings worth when it is at least 500%?

Bowling Frenzy Gameplay

Make winning combinations on 40 paylines in this bowling game for some serious prizes! You can generate winnings at any time of the day, but only if you are playing right now.

The Bowling Frenzy slot machine brings together various people. Players can wager small or big money, up to $0.10 per spin!

The game is designed with all types of players in mind, from low rollers to high rollers. The bet limit that suits your preferences can be selected at any time during the game!

There are five different symbols in this game, and they all offer a payout depending on which side you land them on. For example, if I played as a wild male character, he would increase my bet to 800 times! His girlfriend will get 400 million per spin, her Cadillac will bring in 300 times more, and bowling shows can bring in 160 or more with the right alignment. So keep an eye out for these lucrative opportunities throughout your gameplay!

With such a high return to player percentage, it will be hard not to get something worth your money playing this slot machine! Low volatility makes life easier for good players like you who want to spice up their lives. It may seem simple, but many different things happen behind the scenes when we play our favourite games on an online casino site, especially those where freedoms abound and bonuses pop up from time to time.

Bowling Frenzy in-game features

Bowling Frenzy is a gambling game where you can win cash prizes, multipliers and free spins. The best part about it? You get all these rewards for high scores!

The reels in the game are set up like a pin-set, with full balls above three and four. If you land below them on every spin, more will be added to your scattered rewards! The maximum number of extra lanes that can appear simultaneously is two, so keep an eye out for those pesky multipliers when playing this online slot.

The 10-pin reels start spinning, and you need to throw the bowling alley into the bowling alley, click on the pins as they appear on the screen and wait until there is no space left between the rows of wild symbols. This continues until all wins are created disappearing, which can be replaced by new ones falling in their place – so it never ends!

The more scattered characters that work, the better! Three special features become active when you land three or four symbols anywhere on your reels.

High Wins Free Spins Feature

The game has 10, 15 or 25 free spins depending on how many scatter symbols land. Once the reels start spinning, only high-value cards will be visible as they form part of your winning combinations!

Free Spins Feature with Multiplier

You can get from 10 to 30 free spins with different multiplier values in this case.

Kingpin Cash Bonus

The epitome of playing Bowling Frenzy online is that you throw a bowling ball into your lane twice. On one roll, it must show a 100x increase in any bet, while on the other, it comes with an amazing multiplier of 20-25 times the bet! Throughout this bonus round, which takes place in the Kingpin mode, many symbols trigger different outcomes, leading to great prizes for all players who can get their hands on them.

Play Bowling Frenzy Free Online Slot

There are many ways to enter the game without spending real money. You can try different modes and find out how everything works before spending your hard-earned money on something, or if it’s been a while since your last bowling game, this might be just the thing to get your skills back!

You can play Bowling Frenzy Free Online Slot! It’s like playing for real money, but without any annoying risk. Spin those reels and see what happens next in this exciting virtual world where you have nothing to lose but your hair (and maybe your teeth).


The Alley is where you can find everything: greasy balls, smelly shoes and suffering teenagers. But most importantly, the leaderboard! For my part, I love getting three strikes in one game because it’s so nice to be able to do what I used to think was impossible – to bowl with ease while having fun at the best moments.

The game is full of features that will make you waste time on the site. The bowling theme makes the game more exciting and fun and gives players more chances in their favourite sport! Sign up now to get some free spins on the Playtech casino website today before they run out!